TIme to do things differently!

Founders, Mother and Daughter duo, Karina and Debbie Preston are passionate about bringing people together to create special experiences that simply make people feel happy.

Plate and Barrel began when Karina (who loves putting all the pieces of an event together) realised there was a place for more than just big events for thousands of people. Karina realised it was time to bring back smaller events that are extraordinary, special, bring a sense of community and ignite people in conversation again.

Plate and Barrel's events are more than that though, as the team works to recognise the amazing smaller batch producers and winemakers from across Australia at each and every one of their events. 

Aside from Karina's signature pop up events, Karina loves sharing her knowledge to empower and assist others to also create their own extraordinary experiences.  Karina understands how events can be used to reach an audience and she works to help clients to create events with purpose and to help achieve their goals through consulting and event management. 

Debbie is an event designer and a wealth of knowledge in all things business. She loves creating something meaningful and beautiful so guests can enjoy the whole experience. 

Both Debbie and Karina love what they do and approach each event in the very best way possible. They are best known for events that are high end and creative, but most importantly fun and friendly.  



Only tried and tested professionals, chefs and businesses are handpicked to work alongside us to bring the event to life. These professionals are experts in their fields and have a passion for creating experiences just as much as Karina and Debbie.