Three Plates and a Chef key ingredient

A culinary revelation!

With each Three Plates and a Chef experience we take the time to find locally sourced ingredients that are in season. The purpose is to transform each ingredient and allow the chefs to be imaginative with the plates. 

No matter the ingredient, there is one thing remains the same - it will be delicious, indulgent and maybe a tad surprising! 

These plates will be something that you would not have every day or maybe not even think of eating. It is an opportunity to try something different. 

New menu each event 

Each event will bring a new and exciting menu, not just with the foods but also with the wines. This means every dish is unique; whether it is the decadent porcini mushroom ice cream or seafood in a dessert, you will only be able to try those dishes during that one event. 

We may bring back a popular event ingredient, but that doesn't mean that the menu will be the same. 



Independent of wineries

Each event, whether it is our "Three Plates and a Chef" or "Wine Hub Nights" will have different wines carefully selected for you. 

We are lucky enough to be independent of the wineries, which means that we can select wines from different wineries depending on what will work best with the food. 

The wine side of the events is about exploring, trying something new and bringing the wines to you without the wine snobbery. We source the wines from boutique cellar doors from all over Australia.

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Meet the makers 

The experiences are not just a plate or a glass of wine. They give an opportunity to mingle with the chef, producers or wine makers. This is such a special part of our events, connecting you with the people who create our great local produce. 

Unique location 

Whether we host the event in a local cafe, community hall, old picking shed, orchard or another unique location, the space will be styled to make the space visually beautiful and complete the feel of the event.