Scones, Yes Please!

I love heading down south as there is something about the air down there that shouts “holiday”. Even if you are not into wineries you won’t be left twiddling your thumbs as the list of things to do is endless. We are fortunate enough to have our Grandma live in Busselton as it allows us to go down often and take in that fresh country air for no cost at all. Thanks Grandma! So after a delicious breakfast, we hit the road and made our way to Margaret River to be tourists for a day.

The one stop that I want to talk about today is The Berry Farm just past Margaret River.  This hidden gem was set amongst the trees and flowers well off the main road. As you walked through the carpark breathing in the fresh air, I felt at total ease and peace.

After a little walk around the grounds or should I say a ‘let’s take a million pictures of the plants walk around’, we made our way to the all-important tasting room. We opened the door and were amazed by how many tables were stacked high of product. Amongst the product were samples for us to dive into. When I say samples, I’m not meaning one or two tastings of slow sellers, I’m meaning EVERY single spread that was available for purchase was on tasting.

WOW, every jam, chutney and curd that we tried was to die for. Don’t worry Grandma, you still make the best fig and apricot jams! Every spoonful was filled with chunks of fruit and deliciousness. Deciding which ones to purchase proved to me more difficult than expected as they were all so tasty. Eventually we did walk away with a few jars.

As we were walking back to the car with our purchases, we looked over to the courtyard cafe admiring the fresh jam, cream and scones that were being indulged by the people. Not only did they look sensational, the smell was making our mouths salivate. We looked at each other and in the space of 30 seconds we made the executive decision to order our own set.

We sat in the front courtyard looking out at the beautiful nature surrounding us. Even being surrounded by people, there was a sense of peace and Zen. After a 15 minute wait, our fresh warm scones were served. On went a thick layer of the homemade strawberry Jam (we could actually see the strawberry quarter’s #realjam) and the thickened cream.  I think there was pure silence for a few minutes as we were all so mesmerized by the taste and freshness of the combination.

When we saw our plates empty, the disappointment on our faces should have been captured on camera! Oh well, it was a sign that we had to head to our next destination. I would totally come back here so if you haven’t been you should try it out.

This experience left us feeling great, fulfilled and satisfied. Not only was the food incredible, but the setting was beautiful and it reminded me that we have to stop, listen to the birds and smell the flowers more often. See what the ‘down south’ air does to me? It revitalises me and fills me with good food experiences! Does anyone else feel the same?

Written by April