Grand Slam Experience!

January. Woohoo, it’s the start of a new year. A new beginning. A new adventure. It’s the time where we all make New Year’s resolutions (for me unfortunately broken within 48 hours) and goals that give us a reason to get out of bed each morning.

Besides all this thinking and soul searching, do you know what I absolutely love about January? It’s FINALLY Australian Open Tennis time. (Serious happy dance as I’m sports mad). Suddenly my life seems to be put on hold as I’m glued to the TV. I love watching tennis and in particular I love watching all my future husbands glide over the court seamlessly! I seriously must have taken after my Grandad as he wouldn’t move from his chair for the entire two weeks. We would join him on the floor and watch game after game in the air conditioned house while grandma would be running around going from work to art society to her next activity.

By @Australianopen

Watching the games on TV is one thing but being at the game is another. Nothing beats that live experience. The atmosphere. The energy. The music. The cheering of the crowds. I’ve been luckily enough to attend the French Open, Wimbledon (UK) and the Australian Open. Yes, the US open is on my bucket list for all you tennis fans out there.

I could be bias in saying this, but I honestly believe that the Australian Open is the best of the grand slam events.

Attending Wimbledon was a huge bucket list item for me as it’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world. I enjoyed it but it’s very serious and perfect. Tennis players are only allowed to where white. The roses and gardens are absolutely perfect with not a branch out of place. The famous ‘Grass Hill’ and the courts are immaculate and the strawberries with Devonshire Clotted Cream appear to have come out from a 5 star restaurant rather than a sporting venue kitchen. (Mind you, you expect the best when a small bowl is over 12 pound!). I rocked up in my summer dress, a jacket and sandals and felt underdressed so they have really set the standard high.

The French Open (known as Roland Garros to the French) is good as I went with friends when I was living in London. The courts are all clay so the game is a little slower than normal, but in saying that the tennis matches are still fabulous. The only thing that made it a little challenging was…we spent most of our time translating everything!

The Australian Open is fun, colourful, hot (temperatures), relaxed and the atmosphere is something that I just can’t describe. The best part is that you can watch all the players warm up, including the top ranking players like Serena Williams.

We might not have the strawberries and cream and French croissants filled with custard (in our heat, the strawberries will have shrivelled up and the cream would be curdled all within the space of in 5 minutes due to the 35 degree temperatures!) but we have something very special to offer and I just can’t put it into a single word so I’m not. All’s I know it is an experience of a lifetime and you will see yourself wanting to return.

To conclude, if you’re currently writing your goals out whilst watching the tennis from your living room, add this to it. “Attend a live tennis tournament!". Even if you are not a tennis lover, being at a game is an unbeatable experience. The excitement of the crowd to the actual games … you will not be disappointed. 

By April