Coffee for a Cause

If I had $4.00 to spend on either coffee or a charity donation, I would choose the coffee without thinking twice about it. This isn’t saying that I’m a thoughtless and insensitive person, it is just stating a fact. Buying a coffee takes precedence because firstly, I’m paying for a drink I can’t get at home and secondly, I’m paying for an experience (sitting in a café to be surrounded by others). Does this situation sound familiar? Please say yes!

Well, people I have great news for you all. Our dilemma is solved. We no longer have to feel guilt-ridden or give up our favourite beverage… How I hear you all ask. The answer… Halo Expresso in South Perth. After speaking to Nate (Front of House Manager of Halo Expresso) at one of Plate and Barrel’s events, I found out how our purchases at Halo is actually contributing to larger communities in Australia, South East Asia and Africa. Halo is a social enterprise meaning that 100% of the profits are donated to Initiate.

Megastars such as Oprah Witney, Rafael Nadal, Rodger Federer, Patrick Dempsey, Eva Longoria, Andre Agassi and Hugh Jackman were touched by individuals and communities who were living below the poverty line across the globe. They started their own charities and foundations to help these communities. Josh bond (co-owner of Halo) is no different. He travelled to Narobi, Kenya and was touched by the stories of local people who were doing amazing things at the grassroots in their communities. He saw the power of education and the need for programs to become self-sufficient. Josh then went on to support education programs for children and invest in a rice farm. From there, Initiate was formed.

Initiate Australia focuses on investing in education and social impact initiatives that transform the lives of those less fortunate. They have local partnerships throughout East Africa, Asia and Australia.

How is Initiate different to the next charity I hear you ask? Well, good news is that all the money raised from their projects are invested in sustainable projects that generate future income. (Donations are treated like a business investment. ie sometimes loan is repaid or reinvested.) The founders believed that this is a better approach rather than handing out lump sum amounts to individuals as they wanted to see the entire community benefit.

Sustainable projects include creating tomato, rice, fish and goat farms; Development of health clinics and schools in areas where they are very remote; Offer tutoring programs for both social and academic reasons; finally, develop clean water holes where fresh water isn’t available. Networking with local leaders is so important to ensure what projects need to be invested in so they are sustainable and beneficial to the community.

In conclusion, we may not be Oprah or Federer but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help Halo and their foundation. Let’s help these communities grow and obtain the lives that they deserve by buying a coffee!