Want to engage with the right people?

As you walk through the doors at an event you immediately feel a certain energy. Whether it is a big festival, gala, conference, or an intimate event, there is a certain feel, a buzz and an excitement as you anticipate what is to come.

Plate and Barrel

I’ve experienced all kinds of events: large, big and bustling ones and the smaller, intimate ones -  from both a guest point of view and planner perspective. Many would say I must be confident entering the room and talking to new people, but you might be surprised that I still experience the same feelings as a lot of other people: That feeling of nervousness and a bit of fear of who would be there or what to expect.

Festivals and big events are a lot of fun. There are the crowds and feeling like you’re a part of something. However, for many people – even me, attendees can feel a bit lost and a bit like just another person in the crowd.

This is where I see a real opportunity for companies who really want to connect with people: The smaller, more intimate and more targeted event.

When working at my first major event role post university days within the wine industry, I discovered what it was like to be a part of and create smaller events. There is just something really special about them. You feel as an attendee pretty special as there is such a great sense of exclusivity.

One of my favourite things that is still stuck in my mind after all these years is a comment by one of our valued guests regularly attending some events I was involved in. Upon explaining I was finishing up in my role, she went on to thank me and explained that she was so grateful for making her feel special. She felt like she belonged to something. Whenever she was at our events, I asked genuinely how her kids or travels had been and took the time to make her feel connected. She loved our events as she felt special and could be part of something where she could connect, laugh and interact. She got an experience that had lasting meaning for her.

This is what a smaller scale event can do.

With that in mind here are my three top tips on how to include smaller events into your own event strategy:

1. Start by determining your why

Without knowing your purpose, vision and objectives, there is a BIG risk that the event will not give your guests the experience you want to give them and you may not get as much of a return as what you expected. It also helps provide direction during the event planning stage. Consider, what would a successful event look like? What do you want the people to attend to do or go away feeling? Have very clear objectives in mind and this will help shape your event ideas from the get-go.  Events don’t have to be expensive when it is done with purpose!

2. Know your target audience

Like anything in business, knowing your target audience is essential. Be specific as this will help tailor the type of experience that you wish to create. This is where small events are perfect too. You can create a bespoke experience for the exact target market you want to reach and have a huge impact!

3. Get creative!

This is the fun part, that I love the most. Consider all the crazy ideas for events that would speak to the heart of your target audience and get you the results you want for your business. Brainstorm lots of difference options, settings and scenarios.

And if creativity is not your thing, remember there are great people out there (yep, like me!) who can help.

Do you want to know more about the types of small and affordable events you could add to your business’s marketing strategy? If so, we would love to hear from you! Drop me (Karina) an email to events@horizoneventsperth.com.au or phone me on 0458 252 702